Select Calibration Incorporated
Calibration Services for Coordinate Measuring Machines
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ISO 17025

Who We Are

Select Calibration Incorporated is a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited world-class calibration service provider for coordinate measuring machines. We use the latest technology and innovative software to perform CMM calibrations. Select Calibration Incorporated is proud to be a Canadian company.


What We Do

We calibrate coordinate measuring machines. We take pride in our work and invest considerable resources in developing new and better ways to calibrate machines. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality and service.

Select Calibration Incorporated uses innovative technologies allowing us to fully remap a CMM in a fraction of the time traditionally required and is our standard calibration for all CMM's. Select Calibration Incorporated does not perform sub standard verification only calibrations as this is never the expectation of the customers.

Our suite of software allows us to calibrate CMM's from a variety of vendors and generate a wide range of detailed calibration reports based on customer requirements.

Select Calibration Incorporated follows the latest versions of ISO/IEC 10360-2 or ASME B89.4.10360-2 standards for Acceptance and Reverification of Coordinate Measuring Machines when testing the performance of a CMM. Reference standards used for calibration are traceable to the international system of units (SI) through an unbroken chain of comparisons. Select Calibration Incorporated is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited with an accreditation scope suitable for the required CMM performance tests.